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Ethiopia is the place where people started drinking coffee for the first time in history. Nobody exactly knows when, but definitely before the 9thcentury, long before the rest of the world had even heard of the word Coffee. According to legend, it was discovered by a goatherder in the Kaffa region in the west of modern day Ethiopia (the word Coffee derives from this name). No country in the world has such a long and rich history regarding Coffee as Ethiopia. Until today Coffee is deeply rooted in Ethiopian Culture, and is essential for their economy. Also on a global level it has influenced the course of history and today it is probably the most widespread and most popular drink in the world.

We have set up tours aimed at exploring the very origins of Coffee, and its historical and contemporary cultural value, right in its motherland: Ethiopia!   We travel to the Kaffa region in the west of Ethiopia where we explore the very origins of Coffee, and among other things visit the ‘mother forest’: the place were Coffee was actually discovered! We explore the whole production process and engage with Coffee farmers, we talk to them about the cultural and economic value of Coffee and of course taste different kinds of Coffee.  We combine coffee excursions with cultural encounters with local people, and exploration of beautiful unspoiled natural environments. Then we travel south to the Coffee estates of Yirga Alem and Yirga Cheffe where the best Coffee in the world is from. Also there we explore the production process and meet local Coffee farmers. On the way we enjoy the peaceful Ethiopian countryside, and beautiful natural environments. We start and end the tours in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia.

This tour is aimed at everyone who has a passion for Coffee and is interested in Ethiopia. Coffee experts will have the opportunity to meet local experts and explore their subject from Ethiopian perspective. But also people who do not know so much about Coffee, but are interested to learn more, and especially who love to travel, are welcome! Our local guides will adapt to the knowledge level and interest of each individual traveler. The tours are constructed in a way that they are not only interesting for Coffee lovers, but also for example accompanying spouses. Nobody will be bored!

Saturday 24 November / 22 December  

You arrive in Addis Ababa. We pick you up from the airport and take you to our guesthouse in the city. If there is time we will show you some parts of the city.

Accommodation: Orange Lion Guesthouse / Meals: -

Sunday 25 November /  23 December  

We start the day with a breakfast at Galani Coffee, one of the best coffeeshops of Addis Ababa. It is owned by a Greek/Ethiopian Coffee trader and is located next to one of the biggest Coffee Warehouses of the city. The best Coffee of the country is gathered here and exported to all over the world. We have an excellent breakfast and of course the best coffee. Then we get a presentation about the tour and we taste different kinds of Coffee that is grown in Ethiopia. The rest of the day we explore the city. We visit the National Museum and we make a city walk. On the way we visit different coffee places, traditional local coffee places and Italian style Coffee bars.

Accommodation:       Orange Lion Guesthouse/ Meals:Breakfast and lunch

Monday 26 November / 24 December  

In the morning we visit a local school where we carry out one of our social projects. We are involved with a local NGO that is specialized in programs for children with a disability. A part of the revenues of this tour is meant for the NGO, and we will show you their projects. The rest of the day we continue exploring Addis Ababa. We visit Merkato, the largest market of Africa, and Entoto Mountain, the highest point of the city.

Accommodation:       Orange Lion Guesthouse / Meals:Breakfast and lunch

Tuesday 27 November / 25 December 

We leave the city and drive east towards the city of Jimma. It is a long ride, about 8 hours, but on the way you enjoy the beautiful African environment. Jimma is the capital of the western Coffee region of Ethiopia. We explore the city and a lunch is provided. We spend the night in a decent hotel in the city.

Accommodation:       Awetu Grand hotel / Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Wednesday 28 November / 26 December 

We continue our trip to Bonga, the heart of the Kaffa region, where coffee is from. The area consists of Coffee plantations and untouched wild nature. It is a mountainous area covered with dense rainforest where for many centuries wild Coffee grows. We stay in a simple but decent lodge that is set up as a project to support the development of Coffee tourism in this region. Until today it is very rarely visited by tourists, the atmosphere is very authentic. After lunch we go to Mankira hill, also known as ‘the Mother forest’, the actual birthplace of Coffee! A very special experience for all Coffee lovers in the world. The rest of the day we take time to relax.

Accommodation:       Kaffa DevelopmentAssociation Guesthouse/ Meals:                         Breakfast, lunch and   dinner

Thursday 29 November / 27 December 

We spend another day in Bonga and surrounding. We visit a Coffee plantation and engage in conversation with local farmers who will show us the production process. We observe how the beans are grown, picked, washed, dried, and packed. Of course we taste the coffee. In the afternoon we explore the natural surroundings. We make a hike through the rain forest and among other things visit a waterfall where you can take a refreshing plunge.

Accommodation:       Kaffa Development Association Guesthouse / Meals:                         Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Friday 30 November / 28 December 

We leave Bonga and travel to the town of Sodo in the Woleita region. On the way we visit different sites of interest / natural beauty. We spend the night in a simple but proper hotel.

Accommodation:       Abebe Zeleke hotel / Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Saturday 1 December / 29 December 

We continue our journey to the Coffee region of Sidamo. On the way we make a stop in Shashamane, a place known for its Rastafari community. Rastafari is a spiritual movement that considers the former emperor of Ethiopia as a divine being. We visit a musician and have lunch with local Rastafarians. Then we continue to the Coffee estates of Yirga Alem, where we stay in a beautiful lodge. In the evening you have a good chance to see wild Hyenas from close by.

Accommodation:       Aregash Lodge / Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Sunday 2 December / 30 December 

We spend a full day in Yirga Alem. This area is known to be one of the most prominent Coffee estates of Ethiopia. Coffee from this area finds its way to the top markets in the West. We visit local farmers who show us how they grow and process the coffee. It will be harvest season, so we expect to see some coffee processing in action. We will also explore the natural environment and for example visit a local family who live according to traditional ways. Very special to see.

Accommodation:       Aregash Lodge / Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Monday 3 December / 31 December 

We travel back to Addis Ababa. On the way we visit lake Hawassa, one of the beautiful lakes of Ethioipa. We explore the fish market and make a boattrip over the lake looking out for Hippos. Chances are good you can see them from close by! In the end of the afternoon we arrive in Addis Ababa, where you can check in for the flight back home, or spend an other night in the city.

Accommodation:                   Orange Lion City / Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Tuesday 4 December / 1 January 

You fly back from Addis Ababa to your home country. We are sure you will look back at an unforgettable journey. Drinking coffee will never be the same again..

Accommodation:       - / Meals:  Breakfast


  • Complete organized Coffee tour to Ethiopia
  • All local transport in comfortable private vehicles
  • Overnights in proper hotels with breakfast
  • Most meals included
  • Bottles of water
  • English speaking tour leader from our organization
  • Local English speaking guides
  • Contribution to local social projects
  • All entry fees, local taxes and surcharges
  • Reliable and professional tour organization
  • International flight ticket (contact us for the best offers)
  • Domestic flight (optional)
  • Tourist visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and gratitudes

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