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We organize cultural and educational tours to Ethiopia for Deaf people and Sign Language users. The tours are aimed at meeting the lively Deaf community of Ethiopia and exploring fascinating local cultures and beautiful natural environments.

The program starts in Addis Ababa where we visit Deaf schools, meet the National Deaf Association, join Deaf sports teachers in their activities, visit Deaf entrepreneurs, and much more. Furthermore, you will be introduced with the rich history and intriguing broader culture of modern day Ethiopia. After our stay in Addis Ababa we will go south to the Great Lakes of the Rift Valley. We will visit lake Langano, Lake Hawassa, and the city of Arba Minch. We explore beautiful natural environments and we visit the Game Mountains around Arba Minch where we meet local tribal life. Then we return to Addis Ababa where the trip is concluded with a big sports event for Deaf children.

After the tour you will have experienced an in depth encounter with the Deaf community in Ethiopia. On the trip you will experience how Deaf people manage to create opportunities for themselves in this part of the world, despite the lack of public services. From the inside you will experience how Deaf Culture and Sign Language are essential for Deaf people in Ethiopia to live full and rewarding lives.

The tour is organized together with Wesemann Travel, a tour company specialized in the Deaf World


Saturday 9 June 2018

You arrive in the Addis Ababa, the Capital city of Ethiopia. We pick you up from the airport and take you to the Orange Lion Guesthouse, our comfortable base in the city. If there is time we will show you around in town.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  None

Sunday 10 June 2018

We start the day with a healthy breakfast prepared by of our Deaf chefs who work in the guesthouse. Almost all guesthouse staff is Deaf. Then there will be an introduction gathering where you can get acquainted with your fellow travelers and our Deaf guides. The tour will be lead by Deaf guides from Ethiopia, they will introduce themselves and give information about the program. The rest of the day we explore Addis Ababa. We visit the National Museum, make a city walk, visit a church, and much more. A lunch is provided and in the evening we dine togetherl in our guesthouse.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Monday 11 June 2018

We start the day with a visit to Dires for Development, our local partner who is very involved in social projects for people with a disability, among which a lot of Deaf people. They explain about their activities and their ambitions. Then we meet our Deaf 'buddies', who will accompany us on our trip. In the afternoon we visit a Deaf school where Dires is active with their projects. We join a Deaf sports teacher who giver sports lessons to Deaf children. Very inspiring to see! A lunch is provided and in the evening we dine together in the guesthouse.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Tuesday 12 Juni 2018

In the morning and afternoon we visit Deaf schools and join the projects of Dires. Next to sports, Dires is also active with educational projects. We will visit the schools and meet the Deaf teachers. Most of the Deaf schools employ Deaf teachers who use sign language for communication. After the school visits we will meet Deaf actors and dancers who are involved in a Deaf drama project. They will explain about their activities and ambitions. A lunch is provided and in the evening we dine together in the guesthouse.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Today we visit Deaf entrepreneurs in Addis Ababa. Like in most countries Deaf people in Ethiopia struggle to find work. It is even more difficult because many people in Ethiopia think Deaf people are stupid. Because of this many Deaf people start their own business, and in some cases work together with other Deaf people. We will visit these entrepreneurs and see how they create opportunities for themselves. We will also visit Merkato, the busiest market of Africa. We will have lunch in a Deaf owned coffee bar and we dine together in the guesthouse

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Thursday 14 June 2018

In the morning we visit the Deaf association of Ethiopia. Just like most countries Ethiopia has a national Deaf association. They will explain about the history and contemporary life of Deaf people in Ethiopia. We will also visit other NGOs and organizations who strive for development of the Deaf community. We end the day with a workshop Ethiopian Dancing. Dance is very important for Ethiopian Culture, also for Deaf people. In Ethiopia Deaf people dance and they will show that to you! Lunch and Dinner are provided.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Friday 15 June

We leave Addis Ababa and drive south into the Great Rift Valley towards the town of Hawassa. On the way we stop at Lake Langano, one of the few swimmable lakes of Ethiopia (bring swimwear!). We have lunch there and then we continue to Hawassa, a town located next to a beautiful lake with the same name. We spend the night there.

Accommodation:   Hawassa guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and Dinner

Saturday 16 June 2018

In the morning we visit the lively fish market of Hawassa, and we make a boattrip over the lake looking out for hippos. Chances are very good we can see them from close by! Then we drive further south towards the Dorze Mountains, located around the city of Arba Minch. We spend the night there in a beautiful lodge overlooking the area. Lunch and Dinner are provided.

Accommodation:   Dorze Lodge /  Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Sunday 17 June 2018

We spend the whole day in the Dorze Mountains. It is the natural habitat of the Dorze Tribe, one of the many indigenous tribes of Ethiopia. Local villagers will show us around and introduce us with the traditional way of life of the Dorze people. We will also meet local Deaf people who live in this area. It will be a lot of walking and hiking, lunch and dinner are arrange. In the evening we enjoy a campfire and we will arrange a special surprise..

Accommodation:   Dorze Lodge /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Monday 18 June 2018

We leave the mountains and go to the city of Arba Minch. There we visit a Deaf school and we participate in a sports activity with local Deaf youth. The rest of the day we explore the city and enjoy beautiful views over the area.

Accommodation:   Arba Minch guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Tuesday 19 June 2018

We travel back to Addis Ababa, it will be a full day driving. To save time you can also choose to fly back with a domestic flight, it will save you about 8 hours driving. In Addis Ababa we take time to relax.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wednesday 20 June 2018

For today we will make a program for each individual guest. You can do things like teaching a class, help local Deaf entrepreneurs, join a local interpreter, and much more. Lunch and dinner are provided.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Thursday 21 June 2018

Together with Dires for Development we organize a special event in Addis Ababa; a sports and culture day for children with a disability. We organize sports activities, cultural performances, etc. We expect hundreds of children and you can help in the organization. In the afternoon we will visit our buddies at their houses, and in the evening there is an opportunity to explore the Night Life of Addis Ababa.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Friday 22 June 2018

It is our last day in Ethiopia. We organize a goodbye ceremony where you can say goodbye to our hosts. We will share our thoughts and feelings about this Ethiopia Deaf Experience. In the afternoon there is time for shopping and in the evening we bring you to the airport where you check in for your flight home.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Saturday 23 June 2018

You arrive back in your home country. We are confident you will look back at an experience of a lifetime.

  • Complete organized Deaf Experience tour
  • All local transport in private vehicles
  • All overnights in proper hotels and guesthouses with breakfast
  • All meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Bottles of water
  • Deaf and signing tour leaders and guides
  • Five day trip to South Ethiopia
  • All entrance fees, taxes, and contributions to local communities
  • Contribution to local Deaf community
  • International Air fare
  • Drinks
  • Tourist visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips and gratitudes

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