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This tour is designed to explore the historical and spiritual backgrounds of the Rastafari Movement in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is an important place for the Rastafari faith; it is the place where His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I was born and ruled over for decades. Until today Ethiopia carries His spiritual and cultural legacy.

The tour starts in Addis Ababa where we ‘trod’ in the footsteps of His Majesty. With local Rastafari guides we explore sites of interest like the national museum, a former imperial palace, and several statues and landmarks. After two days we leave the city and drive south towards Shashamane, the Rastafari ‘Heartland’ of Ethiopia. We visit the community and engage with them in ‘reasonings and meditations’. We also explore the natural surroundings of Wondo Genet and Lake Hawassa. After Shashamane we continue the journey further south to Arba Minch and the Gamo Mountains. We spend two days in the mountains where we enjoy the lush green natural environment, and visit the Dorze people who are one of the indigenous tribes of Ethiopia. After we have spent one night in the neighboring town of Arba Minch we travel back to Addis Ababa. You can end the trip there or continue the journey to Harar in the East.

Harar is a sacred place for Muslims, and it is the place where His Majesty grew up. We explore the ancient history and rich contemporary cultural life of the city. Among other things we join local Harari people in feeding wild hyenas! We also make a trip to Ejersa Goro, a little village in the countryside and the actual birthplace of His Imperial Majesty!

Note: the 11 day tour to Addis Ababa, Shashamane, Hawassa/Wondo Genet, and the south (Gamo Mountains and Arba Minch), costs: €950 per person. The whole trip with 5 day extension to Harar costs €1365 per person. For quotes in an other currency please contact us.

This tour is organized together with Rastafari.Travel, an online platform meant to promote Ethiopia and its Rastafari heritage as a source of inspiration for the whole world.


Click here for the itinerary in PDF

Sunday 28 October

You arrive in the Addis Ababa, the Capital city of Ethiopia. We pick you up from the airport and take you to the Orange Lion Guesthouse, our comfortable base in the city. If there is time we will show you around in town.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  None

Monday 29 October

We start the day with a healthy 'Ital' breakfast prepared by of our Rastafari chefs. Then there will be an introduction gathering where you can get acquainted with your fellow travelers and our Rastafari guides. The rest of the day we explore Addis Ababa. We trod ‘in the footsteps of His Majesty’, and visit places that are meaningful for the Rastafari faith like the National Museum, different statues, a former imperial palace, and much more. We close the day with a visit to Entoto Mountain, the highest point of the city. A lunch is provided and in the evening we enjoy a fine Ital meal in our guesthouse.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Tuesday 30 October 

Today we continue exploring the city of Addis Ababa. We visit among other places an Ethiopian Orthodox church, and the Merkato Market, the largest market of Africa. In the evening we can explore Addis Ababa's vibrant night life. If we are lucky there will be live music from a local Reggae band, or a Sound System session.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Wednesday 31 October 

We leave Addis Ababa and drive south along the King’s Highway to the town of Shashamane. Over the years many Rastafarians have settled in this place, based on a Land-grant from His Imperial Majesty. On the way we make a stop at Lake Langano, one of the few swimmable lakes in Ethiopia. We have lunch there and enjoy the natural environment. At the end of the afternoon we arrive in Shashamane, where we visit a performing artist at his house who will share his philosophy and music with us.

Accommodation:   Lilly of the Valley /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Thursday 1 November

We spend a full day in and around Shashamane. We visit different Rastafari mansions like The Nyabinghi Tabernacle, the Bobo Shanti, and the Twelve tribes of Israel. We meet the community leaders and elders and engage with them in 'reasonings and meditation'. We have lunch at a local Rastafari restaurant, drink the best juice in town, and there is plenty of opportunity to buy local handmade crafts. At the end of the afternoon we go to Wondo Genet, a forest reserve where you can have a revitalizing shower with naturally heated water from the mountains. It is a place where His Imperial Majesty Himself often came. In the evening you can eat at one of the local restaurants in Shashamane.

Accommodation:   Lilly of the Valley /  Meals:  Breakfast and Lunch

Friday 2 November 

Today is a holy day for all Rastafarians in the world; it is the 88th Coronation Day of His Majesty Haile Selassie I. You can join local Rastafarians in their celebrations and ceremonies. The different mansions have their own gatherings and we expect several celebrations and festive activities to be organized around. We will discuss the options with you and make a plan accordingly. We can also go to Hawassa and make a boat trip on the lake, chances are good you can see Hippos from close distance.

Accommodation:   Lilly of the Valley /  Meals:  Breakfast and Lunch

Saturday 3 November 

At the end of the morning we leave Shashamane and drive south to the Gamo Mountains, a mountainous region located around the city of Arba Minch. It is a very beautiful and peaceful area, and the home of the Dorze Tribe, one of the indigenous tribes of Ethiopia. We stay in a beautiful lodge overlooking the valleys. You can take time to relax and enjoy the natural environment. Lunch and dinner are provided.

Accommodation:   Dorze Lodge /  Meals:  Breakfast and Dinner

Sunday 4 November

We spend a full day in the Dorze area. Local villagers will guide you around in their area. It is a remote area that is seldom visited by tourists. You can really feel the authentic African atmosphere. We visit a local family who lives according to their traditional ways, and we explore the natural environment, among which make a walk to a waterfall. Lunch and dinner are provided in the lodge.

Accommodation:   Dorze Lodge /  Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Monday 5 November 

We leave the mountains and drive to the neighboring city of Arba Minch. There we stay in a beautiful lodge overlooking Nechisar National Park. The lodge has a swimming pool and a spa and you can take time to relax. Or you can go out on excursions like exploring the National Park or bring a visit to the Konso Tribe, further south of Arba Minch. We will discuss the options with you. The costs of the excursions and meals are not included in the travel package.

Accommodation:   Dorze Lodge /  Meals:  Breakfast

Tuesday 6 November 

We travel back to Addis Ababa, it will be a full day driving. To save time you can also choose to fly back with a domestic flight, it will save you about 8 hours driving. In Addis you can end your trip and fly back home, or continue the tour to Harar in the east. If you end your trip here we will bring you to the airport from where you fly back home. If you continue the tour you spend the night in our guesthouse and the next day we start driving to the east.

NOTE: this is the end of the ten day tour. If you continue to Harar the tour will be 16 days and the price will be €1365 (discount may apply, contact us for the up to date offers).

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Wednesday 7 November 

We leave the city and head East, towards the magical city of Harar. This Islamic city is one of the ancient cities of Ethiopia, and the place where His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I grew up. On the way we stop in Awash National Park, one of the great National Parks of Ethiopia. We spend the night in a lodge that overlooks a waterfall and we can enjoy the natural environment. In the late afternoon there is opportunity to explore the park and look out for wild animals like Ibex, Warthog and Hyenas. Big predators like Lions and Leopards also live in this area, but they are not easy to find.

We relax and dine at the lodge in the evening.

Accommodation:   Awash Falls Lodge /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Thursday 8 November 

After breakfast we continue our drive eastwards to Harar. On the way you can enjoy the beautiful African scenery, and before we enter Harar we stop at the largest Khat market in the world. Khat, a mild natural narcotic, is a commodity here and people have been using it for centuries. In the late afternoon we arrive in Harar where we’ll make a brief walk in the old city cente to get a taste of the atmosphere.

Accommodation:   Ras Hotel /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Friday 9 November 

Today we spend a full day in Harar. A local guide shows us around in the old city center. We will visit several museums and landmarks, especially related to the history of His Imperial Majesty. This is the place where He grew up, and with our Rastafari tour leader we explore His early steps. Don’t be surprised if local people invite you for tea or coffee, Harari people are known for their hospitality. In the evening we witness a very special phenomenon: the feeding of wild Hyenas. Local people have cultivated a peculiar relationship with wild Hyenas, every evening they feed them to prevent them going after humans. You can feed them too, they will even eat out of your hand!

Accommodation:   Ras Hotel /  Meals:  Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Saturday 10 November 

In the morning we make a fieldtrip to Ejersa Goro, the actual birthplace of His Imperial Majesty. He was born on a hill in the green and peaceful countryside, and on the exact spot stands a small Orthodox church. We have an understanding with the local church authorities and they allow us to make pilgrimages to this place, and we leave a donation for the church so they benefit from our visit. The ride to the village is a bumpy one over the rough dirt roads of the Ethiopian countryside. A normal car cannot make it, so we will rent a local elevated minibus. We’ll visit the church and make a little hike in the countryside. On the way back we will stop in a small town and have lunch with a local family. This place is rarely visited by tourists and you can feel the authentic African atmosphere.

The rest of the day you can spend in Harar, our tour leaders and guides stand ready to assist you.

Note: we are preparing a music festival in Harar for this day, with local and international artists. More information will be released soon. 

Accommodation:   Ras Hotel /  Meals:  Breakfast and Lunch

Sunday 11 November 

We drive back from Harar to Addis Ababa. It will be a full day driving. If we leave early and if everything goes well, we will arrive in Addis in the late afternoon.

If you want to save a full day driving you can choose to fly back to Addis Ababa. We can bring you to the airport of Dire Dawa, the second largest city of Ethiopia and from there you can fly to Addis in about one hour. In the evening we have a goodbye dinner together.

Accommodation:   Orange Lion Guesthouse /  Meals:  Breakfast and Dinner

Monday 12 November 

You can end your trip and fly back home, or extend your  stay in Ethiopia. If you end your trip we will bring you to the airport where you check in for your flight back home. If you want to see more of Ethiopia let us know so we can discuss the options with you.

Accommodation:   -  /  Meals:  Breakfast

  • Complete organized round trip with Rastafari inspired excursions and activities
  • Local transport in private vehicles
  • All overnights with breakfast
  • Most meals included
  • Bottles of water
  • Guidance by Rastafari tour guides from Ethiopia
  • Unique cooperation with the Rastafari community in Ethiopia
  • All entrance fees, taxes, and surcharges
  • Contributions to local development projects
  • Reliable and professional tour organization
  • International plane ticket (contact us for the best offers)
  • Meals not mentioned in program
  • Drinks
  • Tourist visa
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Tips and gratitutes

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The price for the basic 10 day program is €949 per person. If you sign up before 28 September we offer a €50 discount and you'll pay €899. If you continue the tour to Harar the program will be 16 days and the price is €1365 (with discount: €1295). The prices are based on two people sharing one room. There is a single supplement charge. The prices do not include an international plane ticket. We can book your flight, please contact us for an offer that includes a plane ticket from your home country. If you want to pay in an other currency please contact us.
No, everybody is welcome on this tour. If you already profound connections with the Rastafari faith you will be able to expand your knowledge and deepen your spirituality. All our guides are livicated Rastafarians who have a deep understanding of the faith in Ethiopian context. You will meet a lot of Rastafarians who repatriated to Ethiopia and who will be happy to share their knowledge and experiences. But also if you are not too familiar with the concepts of Rastafari, if you know it through Reggae Music for example, but you are interested to learn more about it, you are very welcome! Our guides will adapt to your level of understanding.